Difference of Traditional Gym and Crossfit Gym

Have you ever wondered why more and more people are getting into Crossfit? For one, the results with Crossfit are far more obvious than traditional workouts especially when it comes to weight loss targets. In Dubai CrossFit Gym, you need to use your body weight and do a lot of different exercises that are not repetitive so your body is not able to tell or predict the energy that you need to use. Because of this, it is much more alert and burns more energy while you are working out. If you continue with this way of exercising, you have a tendency to increase your metabolism and therefore, you will lose weight faster than if you just stuck to a regular workout.


Aside from that you also need to do a lot of strength training exercises for Crossfit, which is veru useful for building muscle and losing fat. When you sign up for a Crossfit session, you might be a little confused as to why the crossfit gym does not have the same equipment as you would find in traditional gyms. Let’s get into the differences of traditional gyms and crossfit gyms like Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark – CrossFit Dubai.


Not much exercise equipment

If you walk into a traditional gym, you can see all the treadmills, stationary bikes, and other exercise equipment that make your work out easier. These equipment are meant to assist you like a spotter when doing the exercises. So that means that you can exert less effort when exercising. This seems like you can do a lot of reps but actually you are not losing weight fast because you are not using enough calories or energy to burn when doing the workout.


When it comes to Crossfit, you don’t have these traditional exercise equipment. You have to use your body weight and you have to run, jump, do push ups, and all sorts of different movements. So your body is actually using a lot of its reserve energy, tapping into your stored fat in order to complete the exercise. If you are going to continue with this type of workout, your body will lose weigh tin just a few weeks! Of course you have to couple that with a good and balanced diet so just make sure you are also watching what you eat.


Short Interval Exercises

Another main difference in Crossfit is that unlike traditional exercises or workouts at the gym, you are not required to do long workouts. In fact, all you need usually is about 30 to 40 minutes a day in order to cmplete the workout. This is more effective based on studies and experiments because your body has to exert a great amount of energy in just a short time and in varied intensities. This shakes up its metabolism and eve after you have done the workout, the body still remains in high metabolism. The result is that you keep on burning fat even while at rest, which is perfect if you are really trying to lose those pounds and keep losing them in the future.


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